Welcome to NATOS.com

NATOS.com is a Watch Strap brand, based in the Netherland, founded by Watch Enthousiasts. Our NATO straps are made for us to the sizes we prefer and are ideal for Northern European People. We do not visualy brand our NATO straps (our name is on the back of the buckle), because we would not want any other brand on our watch than the watch brand we are wearing. For that reason you can (if you like) replace the buckle from our NATO Strap with a buckle from the brand of your watch, because we fit our Straps with a standard buckle.

We have a large collection NATO Straps: Standard NATO, Premium NATO, Seatbelt NATO, Leather NATO, Two Piece NATO and ZULU Extreme NATO. All straps are in our own stock, ready to be shipped all over the world!

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